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DIY Home Garden Tips

4/28/2017 (Permalink)


Picture this: You’re on your back porch in the middle of July, your body firmly planted in the greatest lounge chair known to man. You’re sipping on a tall glass of lemonade as your newly-acquired wireless speaker is blasting Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” You look at your sprawling garden and give yourself a mental pat on the back for all the work you’ve done.

Talk about an oasis.

Now, back to reality. In order to achieve this blissful moment, you first need to get your hands dirty. Lucky for you, we’ve supplied a list of 10 easy DIY garden projects to take on in the spring and summer months. Take a look and then grab a shovel.

10 Easy DIY Garden Projects

1. DIY Garden Walkway

Walkways and paths are almost always featured in large and elaborate gardens. If space permits, consider laying down stone or brick to make your garden easily navigable. The project will also provide a unifying feeling by tying together the different aspects of your garden. As far as DIY outdoor garden projects go, this one is a must.

2. Brick Flower Beds

Constructing a DIY brick flower bed is a fantastic idea for those that may not have space for a garden otherwise. A raised frame can add appeal and clearly define the dimensions of the space. This project can be completed in three rather simple steps:

  1. Determine how big of an area you’ll need. Multiply the width of the bricks by the number of bricks.
  2. Dig out the space to lay the bricks. Make sure the trench is deep enough to hold the bricks in place.
  3. Place the bricks in your trench. Monitor each level as you go, ensuring the bricks are laying evenly
  4. 3. DIY Garden Sculptures

    DIY garden sculptures can exist in many forms. They can range from a child’s school project to intricate statues. The key is to get creative. Accent your garden with fixtures that fit your personality. Look around your house for inspiration and find objects that may not otherwise be used.

  5. 4. Homemade Outside Benches

    There’s plenty of tutorials on how to make a homemade outside bench. While some are challenging and take the hand of a carpenter, there’s plenty that can be built by even amateur DIYers. Benches (or other forms or seating) are a must for big backyards with gardens.

  6. 5. DIY Brick Plant Markers

    Plant markers are a great way to mix design and functionality. Plus, it’s an easy project you can complete in a few hours. You can use brick, stones you find in your yard or on a beach, or really any other surface that will hold up. Then all you have to do is paint or write the names of the plants in your garden. Talk about an easy DIY garden project.

  7. 6. Unusual Garden Planters

    Garden planters can come from anywhere. Nothing proves that more than the picture below. While you may not be ready for a toilet planter, don’t be afraid to explore your attic and garage sales for random objects. Odds are you’ll find a cheap option that can become a conversation piece in your garden.

  8. 7. DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

    Your DIY garden project aspirations don’t have to die if space is a worry or if you live in an urban environment. Outdoor plant stands can look great in tight spaces and provide many of the same functions as a normal garden. Consider using an old ladder or differently sized wooden boxes to complete this project.

  9. 8. Homemade Yard Art

    Art doesn’t have to be restricted to the typical garden gnome or pinwheels. Use old wooden drawers to display different items that reflect your personal style or whip out paint supplies to add a unique touch to brick and stone.

  10. 9. DIY Vertical Flower Beds

    It’s well-known in the DIY world that pallets have many uses. Gardens are no exception. You can easily turn a pallet into a DIY vertical flower bed if you have wall space or something to support the pallet. If you’re seeking a rustic look, this is a great easy DIY garden project to try.

  11. 10. Homemade Porch Swing

    Remember that oasis we talked about? No project is better at achieving that than a homemade porch swing. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the view of your beautiful garden. You can start to take on this DIY garden project by watching a tutorial on how to make a porch swing.

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