Recent Before & After Photos

Our new Mt. Washington office

We are growing and needed more space! We relocated to Hwy 44. East in Mt. Washington. This gives us greater visibility in the community. In the photo on t... READ MORE

Water Damage

This homeowner woke up to a burst refrigerator line that flooded the upstairs in the kitchen as well as in the basement. Water damage in the basement on the ce... READ MORE

Structural Damage

This homeowner called and distraught that someone accidentally drove through this her home with their car. The driver stepped on the gas pedal instead... READ MORE

Fire damage from log

One cozy evening in Lebanon Junction, KY, this customer sat snuggled near a nice log fire when suddenly it rolled out of the fire place! It charred her floorin... READ MORE

Fire damage from lit cigarette

These apartments are located in Bardstown, Kentucky. The tenant fell asleep in bed with a lit cigarette that caused a huge fire and damaged several nearby unit... READ MORE

pipe burst

Pipe burst causing water damage in the ceiling. The ceiling had to be repaired and the ceiling fan had to be removed and replaced with a new one. Notice the bef... READ MORE

Portable Heater fire

Hillivew home caught on fire from a faulty electrical portable heater. The fire was in an upstairs bedroom. The carpet and padding had to be removed and replace... READ MORE

Commercial Fire in Warehouse

How's this for a bad Monday? The boss was on his way into work at 7:30 am when he noticed flames shooting out of the warehouse. He quickly called the firefighte... READ MORE

Vandalism at a church

SERVPRO of Bullitt & N. Nelson Counties was called to a church in Louisville, Kentucky that had been vandalized. The criminals sprayed fire extinguishers al... READ MORE