Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Business in Evansville, IN

This business in Evansville, IN isn't planning a trip to a water park any time soon. Water is last thing they want to see after heavy rains caused some serious ... READ MORE

Wind Storm and Old Shingles in Shelbyville, KY

This homeowner in Shelbyville, KY found out quick, that wind storms and old shingles don't mix. Notice in the before picture how the wind shredded the old shing... READ MORE

Flooded House in Lebanon, KY

Kentucky rain was pouring down on this home in Lebanon, KY. The once so called lawn, quickly turned into a stream flooding the home and leaving behind destructi... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Woes in Shepherdsville, KY

This homeowner in Shepherdsville, KY woke up to some major problems, when the line to their hot water heater busted in the middle of the night. The water s... READ MORE

Hurricane in Houston, TX

This homeowner in Houston, TX faced almost complete devastation, when Hurricane Harvey ravished their home. SERVPRO of Bullitt and N. Nelson Counties was privil... READ MORE

Hidden Dangers in Bardstown, KY

This homeowner in Bardstown, KY could smell mold, but it was no where in sight. Certain types of Mold can have fatal consequences. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Bullit... READ MORE

Pipes Burst in Lebanon Junction, KY

When this homeowner in Lebanon Junction, KY decided to escape the Kentucky winter for a warmer climate, Old Man Winter hunted them down. Notice the After pictur... READ MORE

Animals being Naughty in Mt. Washington, KY

This homeowner in Mt. Washington, KY will never forget the gift their loving pets left them only days after Christmas. Notice the towels and the saturated ... READ MORE

House Fire in Shepherdsville, KY

When a Wood Burning stove set fire to a home in Shepherdsville, KY it caused extensive damage to the side and roof of the home. The fire spread q... READ MORE

Flooded Pediatrics Office in Mount Washington, KY

This Pediatrics office in Mount Washington, KY was well underway of supplying healthcare for the littlest patients in the Bullitt County area. Suddenly, a water... READ MORE